Stress: it's everywhere. Whether you are fighting your way through London's congested streets, keeping up with the dizzying pace of Manhattan, dashing across Paris, or simply fighting off the daily irritations of any modern city, you can't avoid stress. These days everyone hurries everywhere with no time to relax and think.

Now imagine a holiday with no stress, where life is peaceful and relaxing. Imagine a place where you can feel secure among nature and where time passes leisurely...this is .

Located in Kent, Beachborough Park is surrounded by the rolling farmland of England's beautiful garden county. The guest facilities offer clean and simple accommodations amidst 27 green acres where you'll be surrounded by fish-filled lakes, pastures of horses, and pleasant walking paths. It's hard to believe all this tranquillity can be found only 500 metres from the entrance to the Channel Tunnel.

But that's why Beachborough Park is unique.

One of the largest former estates of Kent, Beachborough Park once covered much of the hilly landscape south of Lyminge. The imposing mansion on the site is the ancestral home of the Brockmans who received the property from Elizabeth I. It was once the preparatory school for Stowe College and the premises were used by the Army during World War II. Prime Minister David Lloyd-George lived here in the early 20th century; it was he who stocked the lakes with fish. Current proprietor Gordon Wallis bought the property fifteen years ago.

Steeped in history there is a timeless quality to Beachborough Park. As you enter from the main road you are suddenly overwhelmed with a feeling of being far from the city. Surprisingly the port of Folkestone is only 4 miles away and Dover and Canterbury are just a few miles farther. This makes Beachborough Park an excellent place to stay for those seeking a quiet rest en route to and from the Continent. For those with a little more time who seek a tranquil break from daily life, it's ideal.


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